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I am Nicole Rutsch and so grateful you are here.Throughout my own healing journey I went back to nature and found myself living in alignment with my higher self and creating the life I always dreamed of. My whole life I suffered from so much stress & anxiety and couldn’t figure out how to bring myself back in harmony until I discovered Sound & Reiki Healing. I am here to give you the tools you need so you can find more peace and calm in your life.


Energy Healing Sessions

My Energy Healing sessions are unique and use a combination of different modalities. I mainly work with the energy of Reiki  in combination with Sound, Crystal Therapy, Angel Card Readings, Herbal Rituals & Transformational Coaching. This unique blend can help with conditions many people struggle with, including chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, insomnia, and more. My sessions are designed to help you heal from the root cause of your challenges. I recommend preparing for your session by reflecting on your intention for the session including anything and everything that is coming up for you in life at this time.

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1:1 Mentorship

The Journey to Oneness is 5-months deep transformational healing program that will help you overcome your challenges so you can live your life with positivity & purpose.

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Bring mindfulness + sound to your workplace.

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Reiki Trainings

Learn how to harness the Healing Powers of Reiki for yourself and others by Becoming a Fully Certified Reiki Practitioner, while learning everything you need to know to build a strong spiritual business.




Do you feel called to learn more about the magic of sound, specifically working with crystal alchemy bowls? If so, I invite you to join my weekend training.

Embark on a transformative journey with our Crystal Alchemy Bowl Training, where you'll learn the fundamentals of sound and energy work for yourself and others. This weekend training program will guide you to become a certified 20-hour Sound Healing Practitioner, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to build a successful and spiritually enriching practice. 

September 21st & 22nd

Location: NYC



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Nourish your body, mind, and spirit, through Reiki, Sound & Herbs.

In this on-demand portal, you will find guided Reiki & Soundhealing Meditations, Reiki Self-Healing Series, Kundalini Practices and other tools that support your self-healing journey.

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It would change your life forever! I cannot believe how much I have learned and how far I’ve come in the past 6 months. The Journey to Oneness is literally lifesaving and life changing. If you’re feeling bad or disconnected or depressed or anxious or know that there has to be more to life than what your current situation is offering you, then I would really encourage you to make this investment in yourself and for yourself. Commit to this program, and I promise you, your life is going to change in such a way that you would never believe is possible! But anything is possible!"


Rachel Lauren - Journey to Oneness

"Nicole was so wonderful to work with! She has a warm and welcoming presence, is very attentive, and practical. After a few reiki sessions with her I decided to dive deeper by singing up for an 8 week personalized program. In that time, I learned a lot about myself, became more spiritual, and made some significant life decisions. I was truly transformational. Thank you Nicole for sharing your healing gifts!"

Janell Parks
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